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Our Story 

Cannoli Qoute

We have to admit, It seems that the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Sicily is the Godfather for some reason or of course the Mafia and Pasta.  Yet there is a much sweeter reputation that Sicily is also known for, such as its magical beauty, scrumptious food and of course, the famous...

- Cannoli Siciliani -

Cannoli Siciliani

And that is exactly where it all started; in Sicily.  Its colorful & flavorful food palettes fueled our passion for baking and love for Sicilian pastries, which inspired us to take specialized courses with one of Sicily's renowned chefs to adapt the secrets & arts of artisanal and authentic Sicilian delights.  



Our adventure continued on by introducing these new flavors through Pasticceria Di Pietro the first family business Sicilian pastry shop in Kuwait owned by married couple Mays & Luciano Di Pietro.

Mays Luciano Di Pietro

We specialize in a variety of authentic homemade and artisanal style desserts, pastries & savories prepared and crafted from scratch with a variety of fresh ingredients from our self made ricotta cheese, candied fruits to fresh almonds, pistachio and handpicked fruits. 
Our Cannoli's are prepared daily to ensure its freshness. Order now, to have the sweet taste of Sicily delivered to you and enjoy "La Dolce Vita". 


Cannoli Kuwait Box at Di Pietro